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The genesis for Ageless Life | Regenerative Medicine and More

Proactive Patients
"Today, patients are more aware than ever about new therapies available and are also more proactive in their care."
Regulatory Changes
"Over the past few years there has been significant regulatory changes in the field of pain management, which has left patients with fewer options for effective treatments."
Limited Coverage
"While there are new treatment modalities available, they are out of reach for a majority of patients, due to limited coverage of these options."
Insurance Market Shift
"As the insurance market has shifted, many employers only offer high deductible and coinsurance policies, leaving patients with considerable out of pocket costs. Insurance carriers are denying or limiting treatment options for interventional care."
The staff at Ageless LIfe is excited to bring this concept to the Kansas City community and we are committed to evolving to meet the needs of our clients.
We strongly believe that every individual should live to their fullest potential and we are here to help you make that possible.
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“What do you do when you get so frustrated with inefficiency and intermediaries in a transaction? If you’re like most consumers today, you’ll find a way to go directly to the supplier”

ageless life | regenerative medicine & more
Dr. Dan Kloster runs a successful pain management practice focused on relieving chronic and cancer pain.  He is very passionate about his work and is considered an international thought leader in the field.

Dr. Dan Kloster has been in the Kansas City area since 1989 where he attended the University of Kansas medical school.

His intern year was at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, and his anesthesiology residency at the University of Kansas medical center.

He is fellowship trained in chronic and cancer pain management from Harvard medical school at Massachusetts General Hospital.

He is a key opinion leader for several medical device companies. He teaches nationally for several medical corporations and is also involved with cutting-edge medical studies.

Dr. Kloster is passionate about educating patients and helping them understand not only their painful symptoms but also why treatment options are chosen.